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You can support ANPPCAN Uganda by giving direct and full support to child survivors of abuse by donating to the ANPPCAN Child Protection Fund. Your donation makes it possible to fully support more children. In a practical and direct way:

  • Defilement is still the most rampant form of abuse in Uganda (57,7% of cases reported in 2009). When medical evidence is lacking cases will not always stand in court. Support to access medical examination and treatment will enable a child to access justice.
  • Severe abuse and neglect results in long term and specialized medical treatment. This is not always available locally and a child is regularly transferred to Kampala together with a relative.
  • Legal cases take over a year and lack of funds for transport to court often results in stopping the procedure.
  • Many cases of abuse are within the family and often not taken to court because the bread winner will then leave the family, creating more problems. Where mothers are given support to provide for the families themselves, cases are taken to court.

To give full support to a child on average 150.000 UGX / 65 USD / 48 Euro is spend. Any donation given, contributes to supporting more children.

More and more children are finding their way to the ANPPCAN offices and receive support. In 2008 ANPPCAN received 678 cases of child abuse and neglect, in 2009 this increased to 2,276. In 2010 5508 cases were taken to ANPPCAN.

Your donation is most needed and directly benefitting a child survivor of abuse.

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