Networking has been a core strategy of ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter from our very beginning focusing on the following specific objectives:

  • To lobby for relevant and appropriate policy in matters affecting children.
  • To enhance the capacity of ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter and other organizations in promoting child welfare.

ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter fosters ties with the ANPPCAN Head Office in Nairobi and the other chapters.


ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter is part of several networks such as UCRNN, HURINET, ISPCAN, and continues to cultivate ties with the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (ISPCAN) through information sharing. ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter is also represented in many other networks and conferences concerning issues related to the rights of children in Uganda. In all these ANPPCAN contributes to the discussion of global issues affecting children and also benefits from the experiences of other relevant actors in different parts of the world.


Uganda Child Rights NGO Network

Human Rights Network Uganda

hurinet ISPCAN

Government departments and ministries:

ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter has over the years worked with a number of government departments and ministries such as the police, the probation and social welfare office, government hospitals, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, Makerere University, the Ministry of Education and Sports, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Ministry of Justice and many others. We work with them in several different ways for example when accessing justice for abused children (police, probation and hospitals) and at other levels especially with the ministries for research purposes and policy advocacy.

Partner NGOs:
Some of the partner NGOs that ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter works with or has worked with over the years include; Acenwloro, Action Aid, Action for Children, Shelter Homes, Bambejja, Bernard van Leer Foundation, ChildHope, Children at Risk, Civil Society Fund, Common Wealth Education Fund, Dan church Aid, DFID, European Union, FIDA, Fredskopset/ Government of Norway, HAR, ICCO/Kerkinactie, ILO / IPEC, Independent Development Fund IDF, Kindernorthilfe e.v.e, Legal Aid Basket Fund, LIDI, MOLG/ Core Initiative, Nokia, Oak Foundation, Open Doors, Plan International Uganda, Results for Development Institute, RYDA, Save the Children in Uganda, TPO, UCRNN, UNICEF, UYDEL, Wellsprings Advisors, and World Vision.

International Labour Oranization

Independent Development Fund


Oak Foundation

Save The Children

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