Electronic Transfer

Donating while using your own bank’s electronic transfer system is possible inside and outside Uganda.

Bank account name: ANPPCAN Child Protection Fund
Account number: 6002808658
Description: Donation + your email address (so ANPPCAN can send your receipt)
Bank name: Barclays Bank Uganda Ltd.
Branch: Kampala road
Transfering a donation from outside Uganda may involve transfer costs. ANPPCAN accepts those costs to be deducted from the total donation. If you decide to take the costs of the transfer we herewith would like you to know that this is highly appreciated and we thank you for your kindness.

We thank you for donating
ANPPCAN’s Child Protection Fund was especially established to give direct and full support to children and make sure they get the required medical and (psycho)social care and to support them when accessing justice.

ANPPCAN keeps you up to date
Every quarter ANPPCAN sends an email newsletter that includes reports on the Child Protection Fund. If you give your email adress with your donation you automatically become a subscriber to this newsletter to keep you up to date on how your contribution is being used. It is also possible to subscribe to the website of ANPPCAN and receive all news posted.

Donate by cheque:

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