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ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter is a national, membership organization, founded on the principle of community participation in 1992. ANPPCAN believes the idea of child protection is the responsibility of all social, economic and political networks at the households, community and national level. We seek to create a multi disciplinary network of child protection ambassadors who share, contribute to, communicate and respond to ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter’s primary cause of protecting children from neglect and abuse. ANPPCAN members comprise Individual members and Associate members.

Who is eligible for Membership?

Any adult, living anywhere in the world interested in securing a bright future for Ugandan children, with a heart and passion to support abused or neglected children or children highly vulnerable to abuse or neglect. Associate members are organizations who in their corporate social responsibility are committed to securing a better future for the Ugandan child.

Associate members seeks to facilitate partnerships between ANPPCAN– Uganda Chapter and, child rights clubs in Uganda for children below 18 years old, Non-governmental Organizations or institutions formed to promote ANPPCAN’s ideals, Institutions dealing with or interested in children’s rights or the welfare of children, corporate bodies that are interested in supporting children by supporting the work of ANPPCAN.

 Benefits of being an associate member:

  • Materials and information accessible on website (log in);
  • ANPPCAN news (automatic email and digital newsletter);
  • Advocacy / campaign materials;
  • Child Link Magazine three times every year;
  • Annual report;
  • Attend the Annual General Meeting (observer status).

How to become an Associate Member:

Visit any of our district branches in Mukono, Arua, Apac, Gulu, Kitgum, Kasese, Rakai, Iganga, Jinja or Kampala, fill and submit the associate membership forms together with your contribution.

You can also download the membership forms from our website, , fill the form and then submit to the nearest ANPPCAN office.

Mode of Payment:

1. Donation by electronic transfer:

Account number: 6002324758
Description: Donation + your email address (so ANPPCAN can send you a receipt)
Bank name: Barclays Bank Uganda Ltd.
Branch: Kampala road

 2. Donation by cheque:

You can send a cheque + your personal address details to send your receipt, to ANPPCAN Child Protection Fund, P.O. Box 24640, Kampala.  You can also deliver your cheque in person to your district office. You will receive a receipt upon delivery at the district office and another from the secretariat in Kampala once your cheque is received there (don’t forget to give your (email) address

3. Donation by cash:

You can also deliver your cash in person to your district office. You will receive a receipt upon delivery at the district office and another from the secretariat in Kampala once your cash is received

For more information, please contact:

ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter
P.o. Box 24640 Kampala
Plot 1 Kira Road
Tel: 0414254550/039275455

Fill in the form and become an associate member.

Click here to become an individual member as promoter or subscriber

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