ANPPCAN Uganda Board and Staff

  • The ANPPCAN Constitution provides for the organizational structure consisting of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the Executive Board (EXBOD), the Board of Trustees (BOT) and the Secretariat. ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter is governed by an Executive Board in day to day operations. The current board members are:

    • Dr. Abu Baker Mutaaya – Chairperson
    • Owek. Appolonia Mugumbya – Vice Chairperson
    • Mr. Fred Kalyowa – Treasurer
    • Ms. Agatha Kafuko – Secretary
    • Mr. Michael Byamukama – Board Member
    • Violet Akurut Adome – Board Member
    • Pastor Paul Batambuze – Board Member
    • Capt. Polar Awich – Board Member
    • Ms. Barbra Kasule – Board Member


    ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter board members and staff believe in 9 core values, enshrined on our strategic plan 2011/12 – 2015/16. These values are;

    • Respect for child rights

    We believe it is every childs right to be protected from abuse and neglect; and that all children have inherent rights that ought to be protected and promoted. We shall strive to protect children from any action or inaction that endangers their welfare.

    • Best interest of the child

    A focus on ensuring the interests of any child remain the paramount concern shall be at the centre of ourefforts.Here, the guiding principle of the “Best interest of the child” shall serve as a critical yard stick in gauging the appropriateness of our preventive and responsive interventions.

    • Child participation

    ANPPCAN shall uphold the involvement of all children including the most vulnerable and those at risk, in any matter concerning them either directly or indirectly.  This is based on increasing recognition that children, with proper guidance have the basic capacity to analyze and contribute to solutions concerning their welfare.

    • Integrity

    We are committed to transparency, accountability, credibility, and honesty as a measure of our integrity.  And through our core value of integrity we shall always endeavor to strengthen and sustain our reputation nationally and internationally as advocates against injustice out to children. 

    • Professionalism

    We commit to fulfilling our mandate in an efficient; effective and professionalmanner.

    • Non discrimination

    We value, respect and encourage diversity, and seek to be impartial and non-discriminatory in all our endeavors. To this end, utilizing policies, ANPPCAN shall promote diversity, gender equity and balance, impartiality and non-discrimination in all our activities, both internal and external.

    • Confidentiality

    We will ensure to execute our mandate – that of preventing and protecting against child abuse and neglect – whilst upholding the privacy and maintaining confidentiality.  ANPPCAN will have a duty to ensure confidentiality for all her staff; child clientele and ensure that cases are dealt with in a manner that does not render the latter vulnerable to any form of abuse or threats in the future.

    • Respect for self and organization

    We respect the dignity, rights and freedom of the men and women whose hard work enables us to meet our commitments as an organization

    The board, staff and members of ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter all share the non-negotiable values that no matter the circumstances, ANPPCAN does not tolerate corruption and child abuse / neglect in any form, type and category regardless of the magnitude / severity. These non-negotiable values have made ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter highly respected in the country by communities as well as (local) government(s) and the media.



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