Advocacy, Research and Policy Influencing

ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter is committed to its mandate of carrying out regular studies on the situation of children in Uganda to feed the nation with up to date information on child rights. These studies include; researches, baselines, mappings and situational analyses. The aim of research is to initiate and strengthen child friendly programs and policies both at the local and national level.

Information and documentation on child abuse and neglect in Uganda is vital. ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter, through its research work, contributes fundamentally to the provision of information about the situation of children in Uganda.

ANPPCAN does advocacy and sensitization at the community, district and national level on the rights of children as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, The African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child and the Children’s Act (2004).

ANPPCAN Uganda Chapter has over the years developed effective and experience based policy influencing, advocacy and engagement models that are used to communicate or share positions on various child protection issues with policy makers and duty bearers at national and local levels. ANPPCAN works with partners in her advocacy engagements aimed at the development or review of policies, laws, procedures and guidelines that protect children from rights abuses or govern the implementation of specific child rights provisions.

Over the years, ANPPCAN has played a pivotal role in advocating for:

                  1.   Amendment of the following laws and policies

  •  Penal CodeAmendment Act 2007
  •  Magistrate Courts Amendment Act
  • Amendment of the Children Act
  •  Domestic Violence Act review
  •  Birth and Death Registration Act

                 2.  Enactment or development of the following laws, policies and procedures

  •  Equal Opportunities Act
  • National Guidelines on street children
  • National policy on Child Labour and Plan of Action on Child Labour
  • Prevention in Trafficking in Persons Act
  • Child friendly justice system for abused children

                 3.  Development of the following programs or national plans of action

  •   National Strategic Program Plan of Interventions for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children
  •  Draft National Plan of Action on Child sacrifice

                4.  Other achievements related to these advocacy undertakings include:

  • Police Form 3A & its appendix were amended to suit the provisions in the Penal Code,
  • DPP’s office has committed to issue fresh child-friendly guidelines for prosecutors on interviewing abused children countrywide
  •  Media and Broadcasting Council has committed to issue a ban on adverts by traditional healers
  • Commission of Inquiry into ritual murders was instituted

ANPPCAN also does advocacy at the local level. We engage child protection actors including Police, Probation officers, Magistrates, Lawyers, Cultural Leaders, District Leaders and other policy makers. Through our advocacy at the local level, a number of ordinances and bylaws have been passed and enforced; including the education ordinance in Arua district, child labour ordinances in Jinja, Kasese and Rakai districts.


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